Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final - Work in Progress

I have the beginning and the end done for the most part. i do think that the lion disappearing trick goes by a little fast but that's easily fixable.

Monday, December 5, 2011

revised demo reel

i made a few more closer cuts and fixed the end credits to look like the begining. at this point i still only have a few animations but i think its pretty decent for this point.

Dynamic Imaging DVD Menu

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Amanda Willoughby
8201 Everwood Cove Germantown Tn 38138

I am interested in obtaining a media driven position, in a challenging environment that focuses on

Memphis College of Art - August 2008 - present
Candidate for Bachelor in Digital Media, December 2012
3.1 GPA

Artistic/ Technical Skills
Skilled in using Mac and PC
Cinematography - Digital Video recording
Film Editing - Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro
Design - Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Sound Recording and Editing -Logic Pro
Pre-production -Screenwriting, story structure, character development


Neighborhood Christian Centers Inc. - Paid Internship
September 2010 - present
Assisting multimedia director with all preproduction for summer filming - This includes filming talent auditions, placing talent in roles, writing scripts, developing shot lists, research, and brainstorming material
Acquiring and transporting all production equipment to and from Mud Island daily
Filming all scheduled scenes daily under direction of Multimedia director
Collect, import, and organize all recorded materials
Edit all recorded material
Develop DVDs for distribution to affiliated sites
Assist multimedia director with decorating for all major NCC functions
Film NCC events - organize, edit, and export promotional videos

New Life Holiness COGIC
august 2011-present
Film all sessions of Build-a-Wall program
Collect, import, and organize all recorded materials
Edit four separate installments of program
Produce DVD to be turned into WTWV each week for saturday morning broadcast

Concord Academy - Work study
August 2008-December 2008
Design creative and stimulating art lessons and projects for two classes that meet twice a week
Instruct and oversee class of students
Assist students with art projects

Professional Affiliations
Optimum Studios
Owner- Monroe Ballard

Monday, November 28, 2011

Demo Reel

okay so this is the first edit of my first demo reel. I wish that i could add more, but so far all i have is this class work and digital cinema. If i remember correctly, Jill said to not mix the two. so this reel shows off what i've done in this class. Im content with the way it looks at the moment. I can't wait to finish my final so that i can add more to it.

Work in progress

So (thanks to the stomach flu) i am nowhere near where i would like to be, but i am in a decent place to get moving on this project.
After bringing my assets into AE i noticed a few spots in my character design that bothered me (edges and lines) but i will see how the class feels about it. I may just be too anal about it. also, im pretty sure im not rendering correctly, so i will make sure to address that in class.